And here we go…


So here it is, post numero uno!

After a sluggish start to the year I’m now actively back at my workbench so I’ve decided to start this blog in order to showcase a selection of my work and to share my various ramblings, reviews and write ups with you all.

The year just gone may have been a bit of a shambles with Trump, Brexit and the great celebrity culling, but as far as hobbying goes I had a pretty solid 12 months.
My greatest achievement came when I finally finished my Day of the Dead themed Oretga crew. After about a year of being on my workbench I finally saw these guys through to completion. I had a lot of fun modelling this bunch and learnt a lot in the process. My hard work paid off as I managed to bag Best Painted at the Scottish GT and 2nd Best Painted at the UK Nationals. More pics of this crew can found in my Gallery.
I also took part in Wyrd’s online Iron Painter comp and this time made it through all five rounds. I won’t lie it was pretty gruelling and some points I nearly through in the towel but I’m glad I stuck it out in the end. I managed to finish the competition as a Silver Runner-up, around 8th altogether so I was pretty chuffed with that result. I told myself never again but we’ll se when March rolls around. More pics and write ups from the comp can be seen in my projects section.
So, onwards into 2017 and I’m beginning to plan what I hope will be a pretty exciting year. I will be making a faction switch in Malifaux from Guild to Archanists with a Marcus beasty crew that’s already in the making. I will be dipping my toes into the world of Infinity at some point soon starting with a little Yu Jing force. And as always I plan to keep pushing myself with my painting and my sculpting, this year moving into some larger scale models and busts.
I hope to be posting at least one or two updates a week including a variety of projects and topics so I hope to see you back at some point soon.

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