Trail Of The Gods – Part 1


So the start of 2017 for me means the start of a new a new Malifaux crew. And though there must be a dozen masters I’d like to paint and play I’ve eventually settled on Marcus.

Having pretty much exclusively fielded themed crews in the past I’ve come to realise that I have been severely limiting my hiring pool and my tactical options in general. The move to Marcus is in order to better develop my gaming ability with the added bonus of still being able to field a pretty decently themed crew.

I’m also using this project to step out of my comfort zone a little and try out a few things I don’t normally do. First off I won’t be aiming to mount these guys on a display board once completed (as I usually do). Instead I’m opting to model this crew on nice themed bases and going a bit OTT for some of the key characters. I’m hoping this will help tie the crew together, especially for those non-beast choices in the pool.

For the basing I’ve decided to do for a ruined, overgrown, forgotten corner of Malifaux. In my head I’m imagining an abandoned farming settlement on the outskirts of Malifaux where nature is slowly creeping back in. It’s littered with remnants from it’s previous inhabitants and Guild construct wreckage from failed excursions to reclaim it. We’ll see how it turns out as the project progresses but I wanted to have a few elements to play around with during the modelling process.

In the past I’m also prone to painting with a slightly darker, more natural palette. The beasty list gives me a great opportunity to brighten up my colour choices and try out a few new styles and techniques. I’ve recently acquired a good quality airbrush too so I’m hoping there’ll be a few chances to put it to good use.

So lets kick things off with the main man himself. Though I have been prone to converting my models in the past I decided I’d try and avoid it with this crew, with the exception of Marcus. I don’t mind the original model but I feel he’s a little lacklustre so I thought I’d have a go at re-posing him.


He’s still a work in progress but the main ideas behind the conversion were to give him a bit of height and a slightly more aggressive or commanding stature. I drew some inspiration from the old metal model and chose to model him with his staff arm raised and with a front/back tabard instead on that patchwork skirt.

His base provided the height I needed and sticking to my proposed theme I modelled him standing on the wreckage of a Guild Warden. Not the cheapest basing option but I’m pretty pleased with the end result.

There’s still a bit of work left to do, mainly around his waist but I will be adding some details around his head and I’m toying with the idea of crating him a new staff. I’ve also managed to pick up quite a few random animal figres so I might try and work them into his base for a proper beast master vibe.

And then Marcus was quickly accompanied by his partner in crime Myranda. No conversion work needed for her, kind of seemed pointless as she’s normally off the table by turn 2.


As a henchman I still wanted a bit of height to her so I built the base up underneath her and carefully lined up the bricks to match all of her contact points so she sits nice and flush.

And that’s my progress with Marcus and the gang so far. The start of 2017 has been a tad slow but I’m thoroughly back into the swing of things now. I have a few of the other models well underway now and hopefully I’ll have some pictures to share with you very soon.

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