Trail Of The Gods – Part 2


So since my last post Marcus hasn’t had anymore time devoted to him but I have been working on a few of his beasty brethren.

First up is the Jackalope, or should I say Jackalopes. I was kindly donated a Marcus and Jack so I luckily have my Master and his Totem in duplicate. This then meant I could model both the Jackalope and a Jackalope reincarnate!

So for those who don’t know his rules, once Jack is dead he is able to re-spawn when a friendly beast dies. So with that in mind I’ve modelled the re-spawned version stood in the center of a fresh carcass and gribbly bits.


The idea is that when he’s painted he’ll be drenched in blood with only a few clumps of his original fur poking through and just the tips of his horns still visible. If only I had a third Jackalope to really complete the series.

I’ve also managed to make a start on the first Enforcer of the crew, the Blessed of December. She’s also my entry for The Hobby Hangout’s painting competition which is due this week. I know some people aren’t overly keen on this model but I quite like her. There’s a good amount of detail on her and an opportunity to try out a few new painting tricks.


She’s still WIP but I decided to stick with the traditional purple and blues of the box art with the slight twist of fading it out to a light blue/white down the arms and into the hands. At the moment there’s just a couple of patches of snow/frost under her hands but I plan to model some icicles hanging down from the wooden flooring to hopefully give a nice thematic cold feel to the model.

So as she’s meant to be height 3 I decided to base her up nice and tall on this sort of ruined wall and floor section. I had good fun building this base though it did use up a lot of my little bricks in the process.

The base was very enjoyable to paint, I had a lot of fun playing with washes and pigments to get this weathered look. I’m really pleased the the end result and I will be applying the same techniques to the rest of the crew.

The Blessed will be my main focus over this week as the deadline for the competition is fast approaching. Work has also begun on Myranda as she will hopefully be ready for a different painting comp this coming Sunday. So if all goes to plan I’ll be able to share my first two completed models with you in my next post.

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