Trail Of The Gods – Part 3


Well it’s been a fair few weeks (maybe months, oops!) of neglect for this blog but I am back with another update. In the last post I mentioned I was hoping to get Myranda and the Blessed of December both finished off in time for two separate painting comps. But sadly due to work, distractions and too much beer I never made either of those deadlines. Whilst Myranda sits about about 50% done I did actually manage to totally finish the Blessed and even take some proper photos.


I followed Massive Voodoo’s tutorial on making the icicles and I’m happy with how they came out. Maybe a little rougher looking than I wanted but I think they give off the desired effect. I had to re-do the snow/frost though as I soon learnt that GW snow is horrible to work with. I ended up using a technique posted by Duck21 from the Wyrd forums which uses watered down Miliput to form a paste to resemble the snow. As a sculptor I found it a lot easier to work with as it was as pliable as glue but easy to shape like a putty.

Painting wise the Blessed got less enjoyable to do as the time went on. Those initial layers of purple and the transition to white through the arms were good fun but painting that fur got real tedious real fast. It just got harder and harder to pick out the details but I finally got her to a stage that I was happy with. Overall I’m pretty chuffed with this model, the snow/ice effect came out pretty much as planned and I’m really pleased with the base.

And whilst we’re on the subject of painted models I have managed to finish off a couple of minions and peons over the last few weeks. So let me start with showing you my two Jackalopes.


I had a lot of fun painting these two little guys and they only took me around three hours a piece which is much quicker than my average model output. For the ‘regular’ Jackalope I switched his base up from my previous post opting for a barrel instead of bricks. Painting wise I knew I wanted him to be a creamy colour and whilst I really dislike painting white/cream colours it was hardly a big surface I had to work with. His slightly bloody self was a little more straight forward to paint and consisted of using a pallete of reds with a healthy helping of Blood for the Blood God.

One trick I did use on both of these are the little blood/gore drops. This is only the second time trying this out and I’m super happy with the effect. I’m planning on writing up a little tutorial in the future but it was as easy as layering on Blood for the Blood God onto pieces of thread. I’ll definitely be using this technique for a few more models in the crew.

And from little rabbits of death to little cats of death I also managed to finish up my first base of Hoarcats. I’m a big fan of these 5SS minions in the game and I plan to make up a second base of them in the near future. As you only get three cats per box though I’ve had to get creative in order to stretch said box out to make 2 bases. The little cat poking his head through the wall is actually a cast of the cat at the back I made from Blue Stuff and Miliput. The second base I make will feature two cast cats and the last remaining plastic one. Please note that I’m not a tightwad, I just don’t see the logic in paying £10 for a 5SS minion.


Painting wise I had a lot more fun with these than I thought I would. Initially the small size of them put me off but they actually came together better than expected. I used a couple of reference images from a Google search to get a rough idea on colour and stipe pattern and then just winged it from there.

And lastly, I also managed to paint up a December Acolyte who turned out more like an Autumn Acolyte. No conversion needed with this one, most of the work went into her base. I built the bricks up to match her pose and then added a bit of wreckage into the base (which you can’t really see in the pics, go me!). The wreck like the cat above is cast of a Guild Hunter using Blue Stuff and Miliput.


Colour wise I was torn between going green or brown but in the end I was happy with my decision. I didn’t enjoy the smaller fiddly bits like the straps and the harpoon but I had great fun painting up that lovely flowing cloak. I tried to move outside my comfort zone a bit and started working  other colours into the green. I maybe went a tad overboard with it but I’m pretty happy with the model altogether.

And that’s it for now. Although I missed my competition deadlines it’s been good to get some paint onto plastic. I’m currently trying to finish off the first nine models of this crew ready for Heartfaux in York on the 13th May. It looks like it might be a week or so until I can pick up my brushes again but hopefully I’ll have some of my heavy hitters built up ready to show you in the next post.

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