Update – May 2017

Update May 2017

Hobby wise things have been going a little slow for me over the last couple of months. Whilst I have managed to squeeze in some painting here and there my progress has been hindered by a load of life admin. Things should be right back on track very shortly but I just wanted to write this post in the meantime to discuss what’s been going on and how I’m hoping to move forward from here.

So what’s been holding me up? Firstly, I’ve now legally changed my surname from Smith to Dean (which was my middle name). Conveniently this now makes my pseudonym of haychdee a little more applicable but it definitely wasn’t the reasoning behind the change. It does however come with a ball aching amount of paperwork which has been tying me up. I’ve also started my application to move to New Zealand for early next year which will mean big changes to my life in general. I may have to take a short break whilst I move and settle in but I have no plans of quitting the hobby whatsoever. And then lastly I turn 30 early next month which will probably see a little two week hobby lull as I’ll be away for Download Festival and then most likely out of action for several days after the weekend.

But despite all of the above setbacks, getting ready for my move to the southern hemisphere has granted me a little clarity on where I’d like to be heading as an artist. I am primarily a wargaming hobbyist at the moment but as I mentioned in my very first blog entry I am eager to expand my skill set. I have a few gaming projects queued up on my work bench but once they’re out the way in a few months I’m hoping to have a crack at a couple of new ventures ahead of the move. I’m not entirely sure what those said ventures will be just yet but I’m definitely interested in learning to sculpt and paint on a larger scale, getting a firm grip on NMM and honing my airbrushing skills.

So over the next three to four months I will hopefully be wrapping up my current projects. My Marcus crew for Malifaux is making steady progress despite the recent setbacks. My goal now is to have the majority of the crew finished ready for the Scottish GT on the 22nd July. I’ve set myself various deadlines which I keep missing but this one should be doable. If there are any models that remain outstanding after that date they should be joining the ranks by the end of August. At this point I’m looking to draw a line under Malifaux painting wise and take a break to paint and play some other systems.

Blood Bowl is floating my boat at the moment and I’ve just started playing in a local league. I’m running Dwarves to start with but purely as a filler team for now. I’ve got big plans for a fully themed and converted Undead team that I’m itching to start once Marcus is done and out way. Depending how this league goes I can see Blood Bowl taking over a bit gaming wise for me. I’ve spent the last three years playing Malifaux and I think I’m ready for something new.

And then I also have a 300 point Yu Jing Infinity force I’m keen to get painted up. After trying who knows how many schemes using a dozen different yellows I think I’ve finally found one that works. I only have a small force for Infinity so once I’m on a roll with it I should be able to wrap the project up pretty quick. We have a good local base here for the game so I’m hoping to fit a good amount of games in before I depart next year.

And that’s where I’m at for now. If you’ve made it to this point of the post then thank you for battling through my waffling. I’m sure things will crop up and plans will be knocked back as they always do but I promise that the next posts will contain plenty more pictures and progress.

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