Trail Of The Gods – Part 4


If you caught my last post you’ll know that real life stuff has been getting in between me and my paints. However I’m glad to say that regular service has resumed and I’ve been working away on my Marcus crew. With the Scottish GT just under a month away now I’m frantically powering through the crew’s remaining models. I have many little bits on the go but recently I have managed to finish a few out of faction reinforcements for the crew.


The 10 Thunders Dawn Serpent was an easy choice for this crew. I’d be lying if I said it had anything to do with tactical reasons, I just straight up love this model. Originally this little guy was quite far back in the painting queue but I just couldn’t resist painting him up. And as it turns out he’s actually a fair little beat stick though I’m yet to try him out properly on the tabletop.

Painting wise this model did start as a fair pain in my ass. I actually tried, failed and stripped him twice over before settling for my third attempt. Although the separate segments looked like an easy pattern to follow I found it tricky to get the contrast and definition I had pictured in my head. I ended up getting all of the reds and oranges down first before then going back and shading in the recesses and shadows with some greys, purples and blues. He didn’t turn out exactly as I hoped but still pretty happy with him.

Next up I got to paint some of my favourite Malifaux models to date, the Waldgeists. Always been a fan of these wood based nightmares and they were always guaranteed a spot in my crew. I’ve managed to field them a few times now and they’re definitely proving to be useful.

Waldgeist 2

So with the first little fella I wanted him to be creeping through some ruins. Looking over the sprue this guy was definitely the best option. I always enjoy painting up wood, you’ve got a good range of colours you can play with and I find it’s all a bit more forgiving. I started off with a small range of saturated browns and then worked in greens, reds, purples and greys. After having a quick Google search for some references pics I decided to make the mushrooms a nice light beige type colour to help them pop from the rest of the model.

Waldgeist 1

And what’s better than one Waldgeist? Three of them. But sadly it’s just the two of them for now, the third remains in his box. With this guy I wanted a more low key base so I just went with a few simple bricks on the floor. Although I’m enjoying the OTT basing of this crew I don’t want every model to be overly elaborate. Paint wise he shared a similar palette to his wooden comrade above. Definitely a couple of the more fun models to paint from this crew and surprisingly quick to finish. In total I think each Waldgeist only took around four or five hours to complete.

And that brings me pretty much up to date. I recently finished Myranda and I’m currently working on Marcus so the next update should hopefully be leader heavy. Miss Step, the Cerberus and the Mech Rider are in various stages of completion and they should be joining their fellow painted crew mates very soon.  I have a few extra minions in the pipeline as well which will be a bonus if I finish them in time but expect to see a few more updates between now and the Scottish GT on the 22nd July.

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