Trail Of The Gods – Part 5


I’ve surprised myself over last few weeks and managed to remain somewhat on schedule. The Scottish GT creeps ever closer and the end is now in sight with just a handful of models left on the workbench. Admittedly my paint queue was a short one this last few weeks with just the two models but they are two of my key crew members. And now both Marcus and Myranda are now fully painted up and ready to lead by beasty crew.

Myranda 1

So let’s start with Myranda. It feels a bit of a waste to put too much time into painting her as she’s normally off the table by turn two but being my henchman she deserved a bit of attention. As I mentioned in part one of this blog I wanted to give her a bit more height so the base was built up underneath her and designed specifically to fit that weird pose she has. And then later on in the painting stages I decided I wanted to aim for a slightly Native American look (mainly for the war paint) so I gave her a little head swap. The new head is from the Miss Anne Thrope model and I’m far happier with the overall look of her now.

I’d love to say I enjoyed painting this model but I’d be straight up lying to you. I found her to be nothing but tricky. So much so in fact that she had to be stripped after my first attempt. Her clothes were fine to paint but there’s not much of them which mostly leaves just flesh. I’ve never enjoyed painting flesh all too much but I found Myranda trickier than most models. She’s got hardly any definition to her so I ended up kind of painting it into her. I started off with a standard base flesh colour and used plenty of thin washes (of brown, red, purple and grey) to eventually get the end result.

Then once she was out of the way it just left me with Marcus to paint for this round. He proved to be a lot easier going though he had a tonne more detail to him. Originally he was designed to be one of my centerpiece models but as the crew has progressed I think some of the supporting beasts might steal the limelight.

Marcus 1

Right from the beginning I had a pretty clear image in my head of what I wanted for Marcus. As far as converting goes this was fairly straightforward for me though there were a lot of details to pack into one model. In my head I wanted him to be stood over the wreckage of a Guild construct with one of his feet resting on it. I drew a lot of my inspiration from the old metal Marcus for this conversion. I prefer his front and back tabards and raised arm pose so I tried to closely simulate this for my rendition. The arm re-pose was surprisingly easy. I’m still knew to sculpting muscles but thankfully I seemed to luck out on the first attempt. The lower half proved trickier and it required far more time to slowly build up all of the different layers. Originally the staff was meant to be held in his left hand but in the end I opted for him to be sporting a gory trophy instead. The head itself is from the GW Corpse Cart, it’s a tad larger than the general Malifaux scale but still fits alright in my opinion.

Painting wise this guy was pretty easy going, a walk in the park compared to Myranda. The colour palette was a bit tricky to sort initially as there’s a lot of detail on him but I settled on green for the main tabard to fit in with some of the other crew members. I made sure that the rest of the colours were nice earthy tones to help keep him in theme. The skin was main worry leading up to painting him as I’ve never really painted dark flesh before. I decided to use Johan Hoflin’s Marcus for inspiration and reference for my own beast master. Mine turned out nothing like his in the end but it definitely helped me with some of the colour/tone choices along the way. All in all I’m pretty damn happy with this model, the conversion work paid off and I like him even more now he’s painted up. Definitely not my favourite model in the crew but will be pretty proud to put him down as my master.

And that’s me up to date for another week. I’ve got Miss Step and what’s left of the Cerberus lined up to do next but I’ve also got some of that troublesome real life stuff in the way. The Mech Rider will not be making the cut for the Scottish GT unfortunately as I just can’t find the time for her. However, if all stays on schedule I should be back with another update next week with some pictures of the two heavy hitters.

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