Trail Of The Gods – Part 6


I’m pleased to say that for once I managed to stay on track with my painting, my blogging however fell somewhat by the wayside. I’ve struggled to photograph the models you’re about to see and I’m not 100% with the ones I’ve got but hey ho, I need to keep posting. So the Scottish GT has been and gone and my Marcus crew is now (for the most part) complete. I even finished with more than 24 hours left prior to the event which is a huge contrast to the panic painting I had to do last year. That being said my motivation over the last few months really did suffer and it’s been a challenge to finish some of these models. I think I made the mistake of starting too many models at once and having them all sat in my WIP pile. Although the bulk of the crew is ready to roll I do have a few more still sat on the back-burner. I’m going to take a few months off from Malifaux so it might be a while until they see any paint. But onwards with the models I have managed to finish and todays theme? 50mm heavy hitters.


Let’s start with everyone’s favourite robotic spider android, Miss Step. Although a bit reluctant to include mechanical elements in this crew she’s just too damn nasty for me to leave out. In order to slightly dull down the mechanical aspect and make her a little more thematic for Marcus I sculpted some wooden cladding around her metal abdomen. I then had a whole load of plans for her including turning her into some mechanical December Acolyte and even some twisted version of Red Riding Hood. But in the end I went plain and simple. I choose to leave off some of the extra pipes and cables but apart from that she’s not much different from her box art.
Painting wise I knew I wanted to keep the use of metalic paints to a minimum. Every surface that I thought could be wood I tired to make wood. Her corset was painted green to help tie her in with some of the other models and I tried to keep her flesh human looking if not slightly on the bruised/sore side. I’m pretty nuetral with opinions on this model, I’m happy to field it but it won’t be making it out for paiting displays. There’s not really too much to the sculpt itself and if I’m honest, I’d probably prefer to use the proper Howard model.
But now I move onto a model I am proud to put down on the table, my Sabretooth Cerberus. Knowing how often this big guy gets fielded in a Marcus crew I wanted to do something special with him. I wanted this model to be one of my centrepieces and I knew I wanted the big kitty to save some height behind him.
Modelling wise this little monster took up a lot of time. The tweaks to the model itself were minimal but the base was an uphill slog. You may have gathered from other posts but I build my bases up brick by brick and as they are packaged in a perfect rectangle each one has to be chipped away at to roughen them up. I buy bricks in packs of 500 and this base must have taken up the majority of a whole pack. Once the main wall was in the place the rest was relatively easy. The wooden flooring was done in the same way as the Blessed of December and the window frame is made up from various bits of plasticard. The rest of the base is just made up of the usual suspects, putty, barrels and good old sand. As the Cerberus annoyingly comes attached to rock it took some careful clipping to remove his feet. I tried to cover up any rough looking parts with sand, debris or weathering pigments.
For the paint scheme I decided to pull up a few reference pictures for some inspiration. As the Sabre-toothed Cerberus isn’t an actual thing I based my colour choices on lions, big cats and some sabre-toothed tigers. As I was working with light colours I used my airbrush to smoothly lay down all the creams, yellow and oranges. I then went back to my brushes to carefully work in the shadows and highlights. Then came the problematic part, the bushy hairline/mane running down his back. Most of the cats from my reference pictures didn’t have this and the ones I found that did tended to be just a solid yellow/tan colour, like a lion. So in the end I decided I’d just roll with the fantasy element and I painted it black for some contrast. Then came the big question, stripes or no stripes? I must have Googled for a good half an hour making my mind up and in the end I just thought “what the hell!”. Knowing that if I messed it up it’d be bad news I very carefully added a stripe at a time until one side was complete. Then I even more carefully attempted to mirror the stripes on the opposite side. I finished the whole model off with a good old helping of gore. The dripping blood is made using pieces of thread and some Blood for the Blood God. I went quite OTT with it and used nice big drips but I’m happy with the end result. I can’t quite get the photography right with this guy but I’m super stoked with the overall look of this model. Probably my favourite miniature in the crew and always chuffed to sack Myranda and plonk this guy down on the tabletop.
And that’s me for another update. As previously mentioned I’m going to be taking a little break from Malifaux now. I have a few more models in the pipeline but mainly just some minions so I’ll most likely clump those together in a post somewhere down the line. I have a few other projects in the pipeline so keep on eye out on my blog for something new over the next few weeks.

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