Update – May 2018

Update May 2017

Man it’s been a fair amount of time since I gave this blog a little loving. It seems to be a running theme of mine to post sparse updates but even for me this is a little excessive. In fact the last post I submitted was way back in August when I was just wrapping up my Malifaux crew ready for the UK Nationals in November.

I’m pleased to say that all went well with the tournament and I walked away with the Best Painted trophy after missing out by just one vote the previous year. Sadly my love for the game died that weekend after a great first day followed by an abysmal second days play. Bit of a shame after the hefty time investment over the last few years but I’ve learnt a shed load from my time dabbling with Malifaux.

So hobby aside things have been somewhat manic. My emigration to New Zealand back in February went relatively smoothly and I am now set up and working in Wellington. As you can imagine with moving to the other side of the world my hobby has taken somewhat of a back seat. Whilst looking for work and living on a budget I’ve not even been able to even commit to shipping my belongings in case everything went tits up. Luckily that hasn’t been the case and now it’s time to get my hobby back on track.

The vast majority of my models and supplies are now in boxes and slowly making their way down to the Southern Hemisphere. Turns out it’s pretty tricky to fly paint, varnishes and art supplies by air freight so my hobby surplus is arriving by the speedy medium of boat which takes 8-12 weeks. This means I’ll be sans airbrush, tools and 90% of my paints until around August time. However I have just received an emergency supply of paints, brushes and models which will see me right until then.

So what’s on the agenda now that I’ve ditched my main system and moved 11500 miles away? Well Blood Bowl is pretty big over here and in preparation I even managed to squeeze in two tourneys and a quick season back in the UK before departing. The league out here is run by a couple English ex-pats and I’d been chatting with them on the run up to the move so I was all prepped and ready to dive straight in. I hadn’t even been in the country for a week before I had my first game and I’ve been playing in the league every other week since then. It’s been a great way to meet people and keep myself busy in the first few months of adjusting to life in Wellington.

And as far as the game itself goes I’m getting pretty damn invested. I love its simplicity, the lack of measuring, easy upkeep and small model count. Malifaux was great fun but after five expansions it started to get too much. Blood Bowl has been a more than welcomed breath of fresh air and I can see myself sinking some serious time into it in the near future.

But whilst I’m planning a plethora of Blood Bowl projects for the remainder of the year I’m keen to keep pushing my hobby skills and I will be dabbling with a variety of other projects. Having not really touched large scale before I’ve picked up a couple of busts and I’m looking forward to having a crack at them later on in the year. I also plan to hone my airbrushing a little more as well as practicing my freehand skills and brushing up on my colour theory. However I’m sure I’ll run out of time and only achieve half of what I have planned but I’m excited for the year to come.

And that’s me all up to date for now. I’ve had a small mass of parcels arrive over the last few weeks so there’s plenty for me to be cracking on with now. If all goes well I’ll have a whole series of posts ready to go up soon but we’ve heard that one before so let’s see how it actually turns out.

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