Oyxl Eternals – Part 1


Welcome sports fans to the beginning of my first blogging jaunt into the world of Blood Bowl. I decided to don my coaches’ cap once again after a 12 year hiatus from the game and safe to say I am loving it. I even managed to squeeze in a quick league with Dwarves (yeah boo hiss Dwarves, I know) and two tournaments as Skaven back home in the UK before emigrating to the shores of Wellington in February. And then since arriving in the kiwi capital I’ve been running a proxy Chaos Dwarf team composed of Tzeentch Demons which I will get around to posting at some point. I assembled and half painted them hunched over a makeshift workspace so I’m not overly happy with them but once I give them a little TLC I’ll get them posted up on the blog.

But that’s not why we’re here. Whilst we’re starting to close in on the end to our local league New Zealand’s tournament season is fast approaching with the first main event here in Wellington on the 25th and 26th May. I decided I wanted to pick up a fresh team to stretch my tourney muscles and after much consideration I settled on Lizardmen. I’m not particularly great with the Lizzies despite the fact they’re a strong side but I’ve wanted to paint a team for a fair while so I went for form over function on this one.

So the big question, which Lizard team should I buy? I really like the Star Player team but they are metal only so that’s an instant no from me. The Greebo ones aren’t to my taste at all so I whittled it down to the Hungry Troll Jurassic team of the Txarli team sold via RN studio. Eventually I settled on the latter. As much as I love the HT lizards the fact they are all unique means they would require more time than I have available to get them up to standard. The Txarli team is lovely though so they got purchased along with some busts from RN in the process to tackle later on in the year.

Now with the models ordered I was left to ponder the team name and logo. I tend to favour the more sensible Blood Bowl names and often use noted cities or towns for inspiration. So out came the Lustria map and I began scanning for a suitable host city. I quickly found the ruined temple of Oyxl (pronounced Oyx-il? Ixil? Yix-il? Who knows). Oyxl also happens to be know as the Eternal City so the team name kind of wrote itself, the Oyxl Eternals. I’m still playing about with a logo but I think some kind of ouroboros seems somewhat appropriate. 

So with the models in hand I can tell you that whilst the Txarli lizards are lovely and detailed, nicely proportioned and with minimal mould lines there was one massive feature that bugged me. The Saurus, and just the Saurus had two long spines protruding from their rear end whilst the rest of the team had tails like regular lizards. Luckily this wasn’t such a big task for me to correct so out came the scalpel and the green stuff. I basically just removed the spines, filed down the 2 ridges and reattached a single spine to give me a basis to sculpt a tail from. Then it was simply a case of bulking out a tail shape and blending it into the ridges where the tail met the lower back. Pretty straight forward to do and I’m happy with the overall result. It would have been better (and more logical) to just have them sculpted with tails in the first place but no biggy.


Now when it comes to painting there’s a whole bunch of options available. Do I go bright and vibrant or toned down and more neutral. There are plenty of cool looking lizards in nature to base schemes off so I set off on a googling crusade. Then I happened to stumble upon James Wappel’s blog where I found he’d painted up some of these minis in various colour schemes. He paints a little brighter than I normally do but I really liked his two tone skin so I decided I’d have a go at something along those lines. Now I tend to lean towards more natural and earthy colours so after a little back and forth I settled on a green and black scheme.



Overall I’m pretty pleased with how these guys came out. I’ve not really painted a lot of green so it was nice to work with a less familiar colour in more depth. I tried to get a little brighter around the abs and the other raised areas by working in yellow and cream tones. And then to help transition from the black to the green I glazed in some subtle purple tones. I actually used purples reds and greys all throughout the skin for a little bit of overall variety.

For the bases I needed something simple as it’s Blood Bowl after all which is a huge contrast to my last Malifaux project with the OTT bases. So in the end I decided to go with some simple dirt bases with a touch of foliage. I settled on a reddish dirt colour to help contrast against the green skin tones. The mossy foliage on the bases is just fine turf which I then painted up using similar colours to the skin to help tie it all together.

The eagle eyed amongst you may have spotted the little silver dots on the bases. They are actually magnets as I use magnetised coloured skulls to mark my skills. It’s something I’ve done for all of my Blood Bowl teams and I’ll be touching on that in future posts. I finished the bases off with some nice bold numbers. These were hand painted on and surprisingly easier to do than I thought they would be.


And here is a quick pic of all of the lads together. I painted these in a very disjointed manner to they were a bit of a grind towards the end but I’m happy with them now. I’ll get a few more individual pics towards the end of the project. My setup isn’t ideal at the mo and I’m hoping I can get some better quality snaps over the coming weeks. My photography skills in general are something I’m hoping to improve on.

And as the 25th is fast approaching my time to get these fellas done is starting to dwindle. The Skinks have been undercoated and work on the Kroxigor has begun. I was hoping for a little display board and maybe a dugout but as per usual time constraints are proving troublesome. At minimum I’m more than confident I’ll get these 13 slippery devils pitch ready with a little time to spare.

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