Oyxl Eternals – Part 2


Surprisingly work has continued relatively on track with this project bar the occasional hangover and tired evening. I’ve actually been held up in posting due to Photoshop issues which is pretty irritating. Having sold my high spec PC prior to the move to NZ I’m now struggling on with an old screen-less laptop hooked up to a far from optimal TV.

This combined with my amateur photography skills means I’m not churning out the quality of blog that I want to. In fact I’ve decided to take a very quick break after this project gets wrapped up to focus on my set up and wrap my head about the aspects of photography that I’m not currently clued up on. I’ll hopefully re-visit this project later on with a few updated, clearer, sharper pics.

But I digress. Painting progress has been made and the team is starting to take shape as we now enter the week of the tourney. The Saurus just require a couple of last minute tufts and the Skinks are now well into the WIP stages. However todays main feature is the big guy of the team, the Kroxigor.


This guy was pretty fun to paint though I’m starting to tire of blending green now after doing it for the last few weeks. This big fella has some pretty large areas of skin on him and it took a little work to get them right. I’m not 100% happy with some of the skin but I never am so it’ll just have to do for now. I could lie and say I’ll tweak this later down the line but I’d just be lying to myself.


My main visual idea with this guy was to do something a little different on the chest as it is a much larger area than the Saurus. Having added a few subtle peach/pink tones into the Saurus I decided I’d try this out with the Krox. I blended in a transition from the green to pink across his chest and then into the black of his back. Then, inspired by the previously mentioned Wappel scheme I painted in a sort of speckled pattern across his shoulders and collar to blend the black and pink. Design wise this came out how I intended it to but the overall look wasn’t as striking as I hoped. Still, it sets the big lad apart from the others and gives the team a little more variety. Again, with potato quality pics this is a little hard to make out. I’ll try get some good team photos at the end.


And lastly this is just a quick height comparison shot between the Krox and his other teammates. He definitely is a hefty unit and I only just managed to squeeze him onto the base. I actually modified him ever so slightly as well having to perform a quick foot swap and a cover up with those sports wraps around his ankles. For some reason his feet just seemed the wrong way around to me. Others may not even notice it but it bugged me just enough to make the slight change.

And that’s me for now. As you’ve seen in the pic above the Skinks are almost at a stage of completion. I’m trying to squeeze in the last few hours to finish them this week in between work and real life stuff. Hopefully you can expect another update at some point later this week.

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