Oyxl Eternals – Part 3


So I left it in Part 2 hoping to bring this update in the same week. Well four months later here it finally is. I’m please to say I did indeed finish the team in time for the tourney and even walked away with the painting prize. I was pretty happy with the team overall. I don’t think it pushed me a great deal but it was nice to get some more experience down in blending some green tones.

So one of the major delays I faced was Photoshop. I no longer held a subscription to Adobe CC and real life got in the way meaning the fix was months away instead of days. So in between I’ve had other teams to paint as well as non-hobby related things to deal with. So this weekend I finally took the time to snap some new pics of the team. As per usual I’m not happy with the photo quality but I’m keen to draw a line under this project and move on.

And the last pieces to this reptilian puzzle are the Skinks. These little guys took me far less time to complete than their larger brethren. I followed the same techniques as the rest of the team and kept pretty much the same green running throughout the team. I went slightly lighter with these guys and used slightly less of the purple tones for the shadows. Below are pictures of the little guys along with some new pics of the rest of the team.


In the last pic above you can see all of the paper from my wet palettes from this project. Without meaning to I’d seemingly kept all of my used bits to a side. I found it quite interesting to look over them afterwards and see how I differed in the various stages.

And that is the Lizardmen all done and dusted for now. Outside of that tourney they haven’t graced a Blood Bowl pitch again. I’ve actually been running a proxy Chaos Dwarf list in the local league and the other tourneys here in NZ and I’ve been meaning to put up a one-off post on them at some point. I’m sure the Lizzies will see action again at some point but for now they will be staying boxed up.

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