Burn The Witch – Part 2

In not breaking my usual tradition this update comes a little late. And this is for two good reasons. Firstly, the competition announcement took much longer than anticipated. And not wanting to post this update until the results were in. Then, as the results came out I was starting to prep for my move back from New Zealand to the UK and everything just got tied up. But now I’m back and I’ve caught my breath I thought I’d update this project.

So, as I left it I was went into the WIP of my little Witch Hunter. I was left with a lot of refining and of course the photographing. Well the painting went well, I was happy with the piece and then came the photography. Now, it’s never been a strong suit of mine and is always something I’d like to improve on. With plenty of time to spare I commandeered our coffee table, set up a light box and lamps and got snapping. Man did it take a lot of attempts but I finally had something to submit.

And here we have it. My submission for the Anonimous 2.0 contest done and dusted. Was I happy? Sure, for around 30 minutes when a friend passed a comment about the plinth I’d made. He hated it. He thought it was big, ugly and didn’t suit the model. Then the more I starred at it the more I started to dislike it. Then came panic mode. “Oh shit that is horrible”. I fired off a message to Banshee who kindly agreed to let me resubmit and now with dwindling time I had a mad scramble to get another submission in.

And this is what I finished with. The plinth is a makeshift forged from a medicine bottle, a paintbrush and some putty. My fear was that the other plinth took away too much and like the other entries I should go for something more subtle and let the bust do all the talking. This drained me. I was up till 2AM going back and forth taking photo after photo and in the end I just called it quits and submitted what you now see.

Am I happy about my decision? No. Looking back at the images my original set of photos were much better. Whilst I’m still somewhat on the fence about the plinth I think I should have just stuck to my guns, been happy at my submission and left my fate in the hands of the judges. Instead I rushed it last minute as per usual and I think I probably suffered for it.

As for the results, I sadly didn’t place and will never know how I fared. Looking at the finalists I don’t think my original submission would have been good enough either. But all of that stress aside I really enjoyed this competition. It got me sculpting again, I got to paint something new and exciting and it felt good to have a bit of competition. It really did push me and I took a lot away from it so despite my personal gripes it was definitely worth the 60-70 hours I put in.

And now the silver lining is that even if I wasn’t good enough, or my photography scuppered me I now have the opportunity to show it to the main man himself. In a few weeks I’m attending a course with Banshee himself and I’ll be taking my happy little Witch Hunter along for some feedback. I’m eager to see what he has to say and whatever the advice I’ll keep it in mind when Anonimous 3.0 comes along.

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