Sewer Side Squad – Part 1

Well, after a quick departure into the Witch Hunter project I’m back to my main system, Blood Bowl! Yes, I was never going to stay away for too long and now I’m back with a project I’m super stoked about. A fellow hobbyist and friend of mine Alex Huntley is the talented mastermind behind Warploque Miniatures. Alongside his own system Arcworlde, Alex decided to dip his toes into the sports fields of Blood Bowl and has now followed up his Halfling and Lizardmen teams with some shiny new Ratmen team, the Squeaky Blinders.

Quick note: the Squeaky Blinders Kickstarter campaign has just launched and you’re now able to secure yourself this awesome team.

Now as a Skaven coach and a huge fan of these models I was more than keen to get my paws on them. And Alex being the stand up chap he is kindly gifted me and advanced set of the team. Part 1 of this project will cover my usual plans for models, a few WIP photos as well as a little on the models themselves. Sadly, I am without my usual set up at the moment but I’ll be doing my best to try do them the justice they deserve.

So above you can see the team in all of their painted glory. As per Alex’s usual style he’s gone out of his way to pack a tonne of character into each model. I hate duplicates and generic poses so it makes this team all the sweeter to have on my workbench. I say workbench, it’s my parents coffee table as I’m fresh back from New Zealand and awaiting my new digs to go full hobby mode.

So these models are available in resin and metal and I luckily got my copy in the material of my personal preference. Now, I’ll address the concerns I know people may have. The tails and the thin bits. Yes, some of these models are spindly but Warploque resin is not only great quality but also surprisingly sturdy yet flexible. I found this out when I dropped a few of the rats and they remained in one piece. And the cool thing with these models is that the tails come separate. Whilst I found this fun in giving a little customisation to the team, it does mean that if snapped tails are a concern to you you’re able to position them a little more conservatively and keep them tucked a little more out of the way.

And the other thing I’ve seen mentioned in the past is the decision to include puddle bases built into their feet. Now, I’ll admit I have always kind of been against this. I prefer the freedom of basing them freely. But having tried them out man they feel solid. They add a tonne of support to the models and they’re so thin that once based you can’t tell they’re even there. Having suffered from my Skinks and Saurus detaching from their bases in my Oxyl Eternals team I can definitely see the benefit now.

So it’s pretty clear I’m a fan of these models by this point. Alex has done a great job of painting his but how am I going to do mine? I have a track record of painting earthy, neutral colours so I wanted to try something a little more vibrant this time around (but we all know it’ll turn out neutral). Having spied a little inspiration online I decided on a greeny-blue seafoam type colour.

Ignoring my shoddy Photoshop blending there, this was my test line rat to see if the scheme I had in mind worked. Overall I was happy with the tone of (yes, neutral) green against the checked pants. The battle damage is sculpted in so it’s super easy to paint, unlike those checks. They’re so satisfying to do but man they’re a bitch at times. The base is WIP and I’m still undecided on what I’ll be doing for the final version yet. I’m considering stone/slab sewer bases to match the team name. Also worth pointing out that the test rat is on his puddle base and is blended in with a smidge of green stuff and covered in Stirland Mud.

So, with the test rat just missing the final touch ups I thought I’d make a start on another team mate. This time I thought I’d pick one of the more animated line rats so I chose the “THIS IS SPARTA” rat. I found the armour much quicker to paint this time but I also tweaked the recipe. A combination of Vallejo Periscopes, Scale 75 Boreal Green, GW Sybarite and GW Rakarth Flesh. Unlike the test rat I chose not to give it a once over with a thin wash of Sepia. I preferred the green tone without that slight yellow hint to it. Choosing instead to glaze in the blueish tones to the shadows which is much closer to the reference pics I’d originally sourced.

And I think that’s where I’ll be leaving this post. I wish I had my full set up so I could really get stuck but I’ll make do with what I have. As much as I love the Rat Ogre I’m refraining from painting him till last. I need to update my test rat and finish Sparta off and then I have my sights set on a Blitzer. I’m hoping this project moves fast as I intend to take the glorious little rodents to Wibble Bowl on May 19th.

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