About me

Hello, and welcome to my little hobby filled corner of the internet!

My name is Haydn but I browse the various online forums and platforms under the pseudonym of haychdee. I’m a UK sculptor, painter and gamer based in the glorious northern territories of Yorkshire!

I’ve been in the hobby for around for 15+ years, dipping my toes into various gaming systems and creative avenues. I enjoy converting, sculpting, painting and exploring newer mediums like 3D printing. I’m a massive design nerd and enjoy creating peripherals to everything that I do. I’m constantly inspired by the amazing talent that surrounds this hobby and I’m always looking to progress my own skills.

I decided to throw this site together in order to share my (admittedly slow) work and musings with you wonderful people and to help keep me focused. I hope you enjoy the site and your comments or questions are always welcomed.