Better Off (Un)Dead – Iron Painter ’16


My round 2 entry for Wyrd’s Iron Painter 2016.

Round 2’s theme proved a little trickier for me with ‘Better off (un)dead’. I struggled to get the creative juices flowing with this one but eventually settled on painting up a spare Nicodem I had lying around.
I decided I wouldnt go to crazy with the sculpting or converting with this one but instead try something a bit different with the basing.The concept was to have him resurecting a zombie up out of his coffin and the ground. The original plan was to try and model some magic effects around the whole scene but after 3 attempts at a base I binned that idea.
I focussed instead on modelling an OTT 30mm base and I was pretty happy with how that turned out. The little circular display that the base sits in however I was not so pleased with. In my opinion it was pretty sub par for my usual work but I felt something was needed to complete the piece so I just ran with it.
Surprisingly I scored only a few points lower that my round 1 entry and higher than my matched opponent so I managed to retain my place in the gold tier.


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