Critters – Iron Painter ’16


My round 5 entry for Wyrd’s Iron Painter 2016.

The final round of the competition was themed around ‘Critters’ and I think I found this the hardest. I didn’t feel any of my ideas were strong and in the end I ran with the poster which I admit is a bit weak on the theme front.

I tried to get a 3D effect from the scene as some form of a living poster. The assembly wasn’t to taxing but it took some effort to line it up and get it all to hold in place.


Painting wise the poster was time consuming but I loved painting the Convict Gunslinger. I really enjoyed painting the stripes, I felt my flesh tones came together pretty well and I was happy with the tattoos and scar tissue.

I scored pretty averagely with this piece but my opponent scored the highest mark of the whole competition so I’d have had to pull some special out of the bag to even come close.

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