Wyrd Science – Iron Painter ’16


My round 3 entry for Wyrd’s Iron Painter 2016.

Round 3’s theme was Wyrd Science and after tossing about a few ideas I settled on a Hoffman conversion with a little 40K flavour to it.

The original idea was to turn Hoffman into a Malifaux Techpriest. I was going to add some robes, a little servo arm and have him standing in a vignette of his workshop with a couple of little 40K easter eggs hidden in the background.


I spent far too much time building 2 little servo arms (like WAY too much time!) and in the end I over converted him to the point where most people think he’s an actual Techpriest model. I learnt a lot from this project modelling wise but I felt I rushed the paint job as well as the base which took me about an hour as I’d run out of time.

As predicted my entry wasn’t up to spec to beat my opponent and I lost my gold status, dropping down into the silver tier.

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